What Is Involved In Being An Egg Donor

The medical process starts with an appointment for you with the fertility doctor at one of the fertility clinics. This appointment will include an ultrasound, pelvic examination and blood tests. A donor co-coordinator or psychologist will also be available to you.?Once your blood tests are received and you are deemed to be physically and mentally fit, your menstrual cycle will be coordinated with the recipients.

You will also be given a 2-week course of fertility medication with frequent visits to the clinic during these 14 or so days, to check your response to the medication in terms of the development of your eggs.

On the day of egg retrieval the matured eggs will be collected via the vagina via a  “suction” device. You will be under conscious sedation for about 20 minutes and will feel nothing. There is no cutting. You will collect your compensation from the clinic on the day of egg retrieval, after the procedure. We nurture egg donors throughout this process, as does the clinic.

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