The question of Anonymity

Egg donation in South Africa is confidential and anonymous…but what constitutes “anonymity?” Certainly, from our objective perspective, viewing adult pictures of donor’s compromises the anonymity of the donor. Without debating the issue of anonymity as a guidelines, it is our opinion that adult photos of donors, shown to intended parents/ recipients, is in direct opposition to the process remaining anonymous. The recipient may sit next to the donor on a flight or see her in a local Woolies! Anonymity is immediately compromised.
The reality for us is that, out of 9758 unique visitors to our website over the past 8 months (as at Dec 2010), only two recipients have asked us whether we would be prepared to show them adult pictures. On exploring the question of adult pictures with couples in our research, the majority of couples have stated that seeing an adult picture is more information than they would like in a process where most couples want to forget about the donor after conception, rather than be reminded of her face!

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