South African Egg Donors available to the World

South African woman battling infertility due compromised or absent eggs of their own may not realise how fortunate they are. Operating in South Africa we are able to offer the services of donor angels who are able, willing and allowed by law, to donate their excess eggs to woman who otherwise would not be able to experience the joy of motherhood. We are made acutely aware of how fortunate we are by the daily enquiries and new clients seeking our services from France, the UK, Hong Kong and especially Australia. In some parts of the world it’s not appropriate or acceptable to even mention “egg donation” or “surrogate.” What a sad place to find yourself as a woman in need of an egg donor or a surrogate mother. Yes, South Africa is a wonderful place to be!


The sense of relief and joy that these couples express when they find us and realise that its “ok” to need and egg donor or a surrogate mother, is rewarding in itself. Often they are happy to accept anyone that would be willing to donate eggs for them. When they realise that they have over 90 egg donors to choose from at Gift ov life, each with an extensive 20 page detailed profile, they are often delightfully shocked.

The high success rates and affordable costs for egg donation IVF and surrogacy in South Africa, make us a haven for these woman, often desperate by the time they find us.


Here’s to South Africa…where we have a world of hope renewed!

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