South African Egg Donation IVF Success Rate

Success Rates Of Donor Egg IVF Reviewed

A note regarding “success rate”

The most important factor to consider when reviewing success rates is the cariables that exist in the publication of success rates. Success rates may be documented and claimed based on the following:

  • The success rate % and on how many actual transfers this % is based. i.e: 50% and 10 egg donation IVF’s versus 50% on 200 procedures.
  • Whether the success rate % is based on a heartbeat at 6 weeks, pregnancy or live births.
  • If the success rate is based on the embryo transfer using fresh or frozen/thawed embryos will result in different statistics.
  • Whether fresh embryo transfer is based on day 3 or day 5 transfer.

Finally it must be noted that the success rate of any IVF cycle will always be influenced by a patient’s medical characteristics, the quality of the sperm, the condition of the uterus and the treatment protocol.

South African Success Rate

The most often documented success rate by South African fertility clinics per fresh embryos transfer on day 5, with a confirmed heartbeat at 6 weeks is between     *50%-70%.

It is estimated that about 500 t0 500 egg donation IVF’s are performed in South Africa each year.

The cumulative pregnancy rate of patients after 3 cycles of egg donation reaches *92%.

The miscarriage rate for egg donor IVF conception is *15%
This contrasts with miscarriage rates of more than *50% in woman conceiving with tier own eggs, older than 42 yrs, should be fortunate enough to do so.

Other documented success rates are based on the afe of the egg donor as follows. Egg donors in South Africa must be between the ages of 18-35.

<30yrs (age of donor/eggs) : 50%

30yrs to 35yrs : 40%

37yrs to 40yrs : 33%

40yrs to 42yrs : 20%

*Please note that pregnancies success rates vary depending individual circumstances and expected success rates should be discussed with you clinic fertility specialist.

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