South Africa – Destination for Australians seeking Egg Donors

Australian egg donation laws have resulted in South Africa becoming an attractive destination for couples seeking Egg Donation. The legal process involved in Australian egg donation is complex; this coupled with the fact that donors cannot be compensated for their donation has resulted in a shortage of donors. Furthermore the egg donor’s details are required to be noted on the birth certificate, which for many intended parents is not an option. If an Australian couple wishes to advertise for an egg donor hey must first seek permission from the Health Ministry.

Gift ov life is South Africa’s foremost fertility agency offering Egg Donation and has seen an increased and increasing number of Australian recipient parents visiting its branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town for egg donation services.

The reasons are clear. Egg Donation in South Africa requires anonymous donation for egg donors and recipients. Egg Donors also receive a small compensation for their efforts. South Africa does not keep an egg donation registry and thus there is no contact between egg donor and recipient parents.

Gift ov life works with the top South African fertility clinics in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban where world-class IVF donor egg success rates are achieved. South Africa also offers very affordable IVF and egg donor costs, as many Australians have discovered.


Gift ov life egg donation program offers more than 300 available on line donors, screened by world class standards, resulting in relatively quick selection and treatment towards possible pregnancy – a well received alternative to Australian egg donor IVF.

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