Nurture versus Nature

Many people have heard the nature or nurture argument as it relates to what shapes the personality of children. In this equation, nature represents heredity and nurture equals environment. It is an especially compelling question for those who have a child through adoption or through the generosity of an egg donor. What impact does genetics have? How effective can I be as a non-biological parent? These were thoughts that many have after the birth of a child conceived with the assistance of an egg donor.

The reason it is still a debate after centuries is exactly that…we don’t have an indisputable answer.

In terms of factors which are often determined by genetics we provide the detailed Donor profiles in order to try and match some of these traits e.g.: eye colour and height.

As regards learned traits…well you will teach your children what you know….how you do it…say it…play it…taste it and everything else little ones learn from their parents

The question around the intelligence and personality in deciding on a donor is a big discussion point – nature versus nurture. The role that the environment and extent of stimulation provided to the child conceived through egg donation will also influence the outcome and development of a child. It is vital to consider the development of a child raised as homeless versus a child raised with access to substantial involvement, care and exposure to education, culture and development.
The conclusion we have drawn is rather than nature vs. nurture it is really a combination of nature in conjunction with nurture.

Even if we are born with a genetic disposition, there is not a 100% guarantee that something will occur in this predetermined way. Medical interventions are available. Lifestyle changes have a big impact. Behaviours can be shaped and nurtured

We choose to believe anything is possible.

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