From early childhood, most of us understood that there are certain phases in life. You go to pre-school, then primary school followed by high school. Then you can either move on to study a field of your interest, take a gap year or two abroad or start working. Some time before or in between you fall in love and out of love but eventually marry the person you would like to love forever.

These phases don’t necessarily stop with marriage. Some couples get a dog; others obtain many dogs and maintain a well groomed garden before they believe they are ready to be parents. For certain couples pregnancy happens before they even planned it while others feel that they are suitable for this big step from the start. It doesn’t matter which one of these couples you are but what does, is the realisation of possible infertility.

Infertility is medically explained as 12 months of regular sexual intercourse without using any form of contraception and yet no pregnancy.  Infertility can be broken down into three groups:

Primary infertility is the term used to describe a couple that has never been able to achieve a pregnancy after at least 1 year of unprotected sex.
Secondary infertility describes couples who have been pregnant at least once, but have not been able to achieve a pregnancy again.
Recurrent Miscarriage
Women who experience recurrent miscarriages also receive a diagnosis of infertility if they experience two or more successive miscarriages.


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