How to choose an egg donor

Recipients in need of egg donor’s should choose an agency that gives them four fundamental things: CHOICE,  DETAIL,  STATURE and SERVICE choosing an egg donor is one of the most important decisions a couple/person will make.

So what of CHOICE? The greater the choice of donors available the greater that chance of finding your MOST suitable match. Gift ov life has over 230 online donors and no waiting period.

What of DETAIL? Our donors are carefully screened and we offer Detailed Donor profiles on each donor according to South Africa reproductive specialist criteria and international best practice. Compare te profiles of differnt agencies and know that if their profiles are not as detailed as they should be, you are not getting the best information available on that donor. Detailed Donor profiles up to 18 pages should be provided to ensure that you have all the relevant and important information possibly available on the donors. Making an informed decision when selecting a donor is the most important first step in the process.

What of STATURE? As professional and specialists in third party reproduction, the agency you select should work and be referred by at least three leading fertility clinics, if not more – is your clinic referred to patients by Medfem, Vitalab and Cape Fertility Clinic? Check their websites or email the clinic –  if not, ask yourself why a clinic has elected not to refer to them?!

Finally, what of PROFESSIONAL SERVICE? Professional service in the egg donor world means many things but primarily, how quickly did the agency revert to your initial enquiry? If not within at least 8 hours , think wtice before selecting a donor from them. Efficiency and keeping your informed results in a smooth and fast process to egg donation.

Gift ov life was born as a path to parenthood for so many that face infertility, both locally and internationally. Our South African based program operates nationally, co-ordinated in Johannesburg and Cape Town, thus uniquely situated to meet the logistical demands of our Egg Donor Recipient Parents & Egg Donors. We are also active in Durban. Gift ov life offers an easy-to-access online Egg Donation Database. We have no prejudices…our aim is to assist those that long to be parents with the potential Gift ov life. Gift ov life was acknowledged for its success as an internationally sought after egg donor agency in 2010,  appearing in the media including Fair Lady Magazine, Mamas & Papas Magazine, SABC 3 TV and Oprah Magazine to name a few.

Gift ov life also offers assistance to those South Africans who require an egg donor but who are unable to afford one. The Gift ov life Fertility Fund is a unique fund in the industry, providing egg donors to deserving recipients free of our egg donor fee.

We are proud to be referred by Medfem, Vitalab, Cape Fertility Clinic to name but a few. Not all egg donor agencies are 🙂

Gift ov life national egg donor agency. Visit for access to over 230 egg donor profiles, egg donation information and pregnancies testimonials.

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