Great reasons to become and egg donor angel

So many couples struggle to conceive. Many are left with only one option to enable them to become parents and this is to explore the alternative of “third party” assistance.  Here are just some of the reasons; we could think of, that you should become an angel!

The Benefits range from the emotional to the tangible.


  1. You will be part of creating a miracle
  2. You are born with 300 000 eggs which would go to waste each monthly cycle if not used to fall pregnant, makes it all worth their while to donate and allow a couple the joy and opportunity of becoming a mom
  3. Demand for donated eggs are very high. Researchers estimate that more than 10 million people or couples cannot conceive and have children through natural means!
  4. You will be one of a very small unique group of angels who have donated their eggs to others and given the gift ov life
  5. You’ll be able to look back on the experience with pride
  6. You will experience a tremendous sense of fulfilment that many Egg Donors can attest to from contributing to the lives and dreams of others.
  7. Your experience will increase your capacity to empathize and understand others’ suffering in their infertility journey
  8. You will gain an incredible insight into your body, your cycles and human reproduction as well as the miracle of modern medicine
  9. You will have the incredible support  of a caring team and have the opportunity of a wonderful, awesome experience
  10.  You will be giving someone the gift ov life


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