Experimental Research in egg replacement

There is obviously no way to turn back the hands of time, but new technologies are being researched that can possibly improve egg quality in older patients. In one of these highly experimental procedures, ooplasm from the eggs of young healthy women is injected into the eggs of older women. Researchers believe that the components of the ooplasm that control growth from the younger eggs are able to take over these responsibilities in the older eggs. The outcome is hopefully improved eggs that can continue on to fertilize and develop into healthy babies.

Another highly experimental procedure involves the replacement of the entire egg nucleus with that from young donor eggs. With this procedure, some of the chromo- somal defects may be removed from un- healthy eggs.

Since these procedures are very invasive, experimental, and needless to say expensive, many older women opt to use eggs retrieved from young donors. The pregnancy successes in older women with donated eggs are very high, often over 70 percent!

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