An egg donor angel

An egg donor is a woman between the ages of, preferably, 21 and 33, who undergo voluntary hormonal and medical treatment, who donates a few of her eggs to other women, who is unable to fall pregnant with her own eggs. Once the 8 to 10 or so eggs have been removed from the egg donor they are fertilized with the recipient women’s male partners’ sperm. If fertilisation occurs the embryo/s are then transferred into the recipient woman’s uterus. This is the only way that the woman has a chance of becoming pregnant, carrying and birthing a child.


The statistics are that 33% of women older than 37 years, who present to a fertility clinic with infertility, will require the use of donor eggs to achieve a pregnancy. It is emotionally overwhelming to learn you may have to use an egg donor to become parents, so there for being an egg donor is a great act of kindness.


The fact is that many couples come to Gift ov life from Australia and the UK for IVF egg donation because of the legislation regarding egg donors in South Africa. Egg donation in South Africa is confidential and anonymous. Egg donors and recipients never know each other’s personal details and never meet each other. For egg donors this is a sense of relief, as they do not donate because they want to produce a child! The child’s birth certificate will record only the names of the recipient parents. This also allows the recipient parents to one day choose whether or not to reveal the origins of their child’s conception.


For recipient couples this is an unimaginable gift as there is no possibility that identities may become known at any time in the future. Couples are able to move forward with their lives and family within complete confidence. In countries like Australia and the UK, there is a central registry detailing all personal particulars, which is not acceptable for many couples or potential egg donors.


For many donors just knowing that a woman has over 300 000 eggs from birth, which would go to waste each monthly cycle if not used to fall pregnant, makes it all worth their while to donate and allow a couple the joy and opportunity of becoming a mom.


In South Africa, egg donors receive some compensation for their time and effort. However, the amount paid has been carefully assessed and determined by the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy Regulations (SASREG.) to ensure that donors are not exploited in anyway. The money paid by the recipient through the fertility clinic covers the incidentals that the donor will incur. Although the money can certainly make a small difference in a donors life, it is definitely not the motivating factor, and egg donors donate out of sheer kindness and to make a genuine difference in someone else’s life.


Some donors comments:

Excitement and happiness is included in the beginning stage of the process, the anticipation that “you” are making a difference in the world and allowing two individuals the joy of being parents at no expense of yours. The journey is emotional and scary due to medication and sharing your personal life with complete strangers, even with all this overwhelmness. The gift ov life is there for you every step of the way till the end and their team in each city is professional and supportive. At the end it is a rewarding process, knowing at the back of your mind that you have aided to two individuals happiness.Regards, donor Angel

Donor Angel:  I have always wanted to help people in whichever way possible, and egg donation was a natural decision for me, as I believe having children of your own is a gift and blessing from God. Once I started researching the topic, I knew I didn’t have to look any further. The team was assuring and informed, answered all my questions, and made sure that I, as a potential donor, felt comfortable and knew what to expect. The staff at the clinic were wonderful and very passionate about all things “family” – from helping families, to helping you feel part of a family. I knew what was happening at every step of the way, and they were extremely supportive and accommodating. The experience has been humbling and life changing for me, and I am grateful for having the opportunity to help someone make their dreams come true.


Donor angel:  I am proud to say that I have gifted a recipient with the pure blessing of having being able to become a mommy, motherhood has been a real gift for me and I am so glad to have helped out someone who can now experience the joy.  Once again I would like to Thank all at the Gift ov Life offices as well as the Team at Vitalab, who made me feel really special during my times doing the whole egg donation process. I would be more than happy to make another couples dreams come true. Donor Angel,  Feb 2012


Egg Donor Angel:  I did my first donation yesterday, feel pretty fine. Just want to thank you for being there for me, and for choosing me, it was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life.  I’ts amazing  and Dr Rodrigues and Sister Krina at Medfem are fantastic.  Between Gift ov life and them I could not have asked for better people to do this with.. . According to everyone at the clinic my recipients are adorable.  I’ve been blessed in many ways. Have an awesome week.. Lots of love,  Donor – Jhb – WS


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