Egg Donation – A Happy Ending

For those women whose “partners look at them and they fall pregnant” the use of donor eggs may seem completely absurd. It’s a case of “If you have never walked in someone’s shoes don’t judge them,” and often it’s a complete ignorance, as is the case when you are dealing with a choice you would never have to make.


The reality is that, for those increasing woman who, without the use of donor eggs would never be able to experience motherhood, egg donation is the greatest gift of life.


The need for donor eggs is on the increase, as infertility becomes a widespread in a sentence that does not discriminate. Our fast paced lifestyles; stress, cancer and delaying having children are all factors that can result in a woman’s ovaries not functioning to produce viable eggs for fertilisation. For these woman an egg donor is a last resort and a gift of life. The world of fertility brings fulfillment and joy to couples via egg donation, or surrogacy. In South Africa we are fortunate as egg donation is legal and agencies have an ever-expanding range of doors available to choose from for egg donation.

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