Don’t feel alone

The statistics are that 33% of women older than 37 years, who present to a fertility clinic with infertility, will require the use of donor eggs to achieve a pregnancy. It is emotionally overwhelming to learn you may have to use an egg donor to become parents. As a fertility agency we are here not only to assist you in choosing a suitable egg donor, but also to reduce any confusion, eliminate any added stress and guide you through your much-desired path to become parents. Our mission is to help others experience the potential gift ov life and joy of parenthood.

The first test tube baby was born in 1978 and the first pregnancy with egg donation in South Africa, was performed at Cape Fertility Clinic, Cape Town in 1986. Egg donation has since become a regular and routine treatment over the past 22 years and the number of people seeking this form of fertility treatment has increased. You are not alone.

More than 3.5 million babies have been born worldwide using assisted reproductive technology since 1978, when two British doctors delivered the world’s first test tube baby, Louise Brown.

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