Donor egg Pregnancy rates

According to Vitalab, a leading Johannesburg based fertility Clinic, the pregnancy rate per embryo transfer is *55%. The cumulative pregnancy rate of patients after 3 cycles of egg donation reaches *92%. The miscarriage rate is *15%. This contrasts with miscarriage rates of more than *50% in women conceiving with their own eggs, older than 42yrs, should they be fortunate enough to do so. * Pregnancy success rates vary depending on individual circumstances and expected success rates should be discussed with your clinic specialist.

Other documented success rates are as follows: <30yrs (age of donor/ eggs) 50% , 30-35 40%. This is compared to age 37-40  at 33%, and age 40-42 at 20%.

We feel that an agency’s success rate carries little weight, as pregnancy depends on more variables than just the egg. The uterus and sperm are significant in whether a donor egg fertilises and then implants successfully. aving made this provision, Gift ov life’s success rate is 75% – An heartbeat at 6 weeks.

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