Day 3 versus Day 5 Embryo Transfer

After in-vitro fertilization, the embryo can be transferred after 3 days or after 5 days.


Here are advantages and disadvantages:


Day 3 Transfer (4-8 cell stage)
Best when there are less than 6 embryos, poor embryo quality, or prior IVF failures.

Advantage: Embry returned early to natural environment and additional embryos freeze well

Disadvantage: May be difficult to choose the best embryo and may freeze nonviable embryos

Day 5 Transfer (Blastocyst, 60-100 cells)
Best when there are many good quality embryos

Advantage: Selection of best quality embyos and decreases chance of multiple pregnancies

Disadvantage: Embryos longer in laboratory and blastocysts don’t survive freezing well


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