An Australian Recipient to Egg Donation

Over 70% of our egg donor recipients are based in Australia, as one of the many countries abroad that we assist every year.

These questions were posed by a new recipient enquiry about egg donation in South Africa. I thought that I would share her questions and our responses…

How much does it cost (all inclusive) for an overseas client (from Australia)?

A donor IVF cycle at a leading fertility clinic, costs approximately R50 000.  Donors are compensated R6000 for their donation. Gift ov lifes egg donation match and management fee is R15 000.
A total cost of R70 000 is a good estimate, excluding travel and accommodation costs. On an exchange rate of R7 to the Australian Dollar this would be     $10 000

Do you provide egg donor to single women and/or same sex couples?

Both, we have no prejudices…our aim is to assist those that long to be parents with the potential Gift ov life.

Can the child(ren) ever access to the donor identifications?

No, egg donation in South Africa is anonymous and confidential. There is no central donor registry. This is a major attraction for Australian’s seeking egg donors.

Was it possible to use both donor eggs and sperm?

Yes, donor egg and donor sperm can certainly be used in IVF cycles in South Africa.

How long from accepting a donor to being able to start?

The handover of the donors details are actioned within 24 hours of payment of our fee. We will then arrange the donors medical and psychological assessment. Therafter the donors cycle is co-ordinated with the intended mother and egg donation is usually 8 to 12 weeks from the time that a donor is selected and confirmed.

How long I’d have to be there before the treatment and how long after?

Recipients need to arrive approximately 2 days before the donor donates her eggs, this being for a uterus scan. On the day of egg donation the sperm needs to be delivered – either a fresh or frozen sample. 5 days after the egg donation, the resulting embryo/s are transferred to the intended mothers uterus and the day after, she can travel home. Our recipients usually allow 8 days in SA…that excludes tourism!

Does the clinic also arrange accommodation options for overseas clients?

No, Gift ov life will assist with accommodation options, transfers and local information.

What treatment regimes are required, how it would be coordinated here in Australia?

The local clinic in South Africa will request that any test results you have from any investigations in Australia be made available. These can be emailed or faxed. If any additional scans or blood tests are needed, these will be requested. You will provide details of your cycle to the clinic.

Medication will be prescribed and you can collect same at your local pharamacy. You will be provided with a tretament plan that outlines what to take when – its quite simple really 🙂


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