After the embryo transfer

If you, like so many millions of others, are going through an anxious in vitro fertilization cycle, the 12 day wait after embryo transfer seems like forever before you find out whther you are pregnant. To you, its the only thing happening in the world! In an age where information is at our fingertips, it seems crazy that this answer takes so long!

After transfer, it takes time for implantation. Even after IVF, implantation doesn’t take place immediately. Some embryos begin to implant and then don’t develop. Some begin to develop but aren’t strong enough to continue. This is why, even though some HPTs (home pregnancy tests)  say you can test even before your missed period, it isn’t always the best idea…Having said that I did it, the day before I was due to have my pregnancy test at the clinic. It was negative and I was devastated but pleased that I knew the answer before anyone else. I sat waiting for the clinics test with no enthusiasm for the outcome. In walked the nurse “You’re pregnant! Indeed I gave birth 38 weeks later. Don’t take your own test before the due time!!

One of the commonest questions patients ask is what are the dos and don’ts after the embryo transfer? ” They are very worried about the risk of failure, and are petrified that they may end up doing something which will cause their embryos to “fall out” of the uterus. I could not help myself but stay in bed for 24 hours until I was sure it must have attached AND I tried to not to wee it out!! The reality is that bed rest does not help to improve pregnancy rates after IVF. Many studies have proven this conclusively. As I remind patients, the human body has been designed with enough sense, that embryos do not fall out. Whether the embryo implants or not is a biological process. Whether the embryo spends 3 days in your fallopian tube or in a test tube makes no difference to the outcome.

Here are some precautions which you can take after your embryo transfer:

– Avoid intense workouts

– Avoid smoky atmospheres as cigarette smoke affects the lining of the womb

– Try to avoid the caffeine and alcohol as much as possible

– Have gentle sexual intercourse

– Avoid hot tubs, jacuzzi’s and hot baths

– Avoid consuming drugs

– Rest and have early nights

Once you undergo IVF it is very necessary to follow your doctor’s advice in case of safety precautions.

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