Endometriosis may occur inside the ovaries which can disrupt the proper working of our reproduction system.

In general, endometriosis can:

Keep eggs from developing properly.

Destroy much of the ovaries, which also disrupt egg production.

Prevent the normal release of eggs by:

Encasing them in scar tissue and endometriosis tissues.

Disrupting the normal egg release mechanism.

Cause immune responses that are detrimental to fertilization processes.

Ovarian endometriosis can be seen microscopically, it may bury itself deep inside or develop on the surface.

Endometriosis and egg development

Each stage of endometriosis affects egg development in different ways. On Stage I (minimal) and II (mild) endometriosis, there are different problems related to eggs production:

 the implantation rate is low.

Endometriosis at early stages affects egg quality, which can result in poor embryo quality.

It appears that early endometriosis stages cause worse effects on eggs development than Stage II and IV.

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